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Kim Jong-nam, who was assassinated on Monday, in 2001. Speaking to the Guardian, the childhood friend, who studied with Kim at a Switzerland-based international school in the 1980s, said he had kept in contact with him since they graduated. He said other peers were discussing setting up a campaign to take care of his wife, daughter and son, who live in Macau, amid growing fears for their safety. One man, described as a longtime business associate, told Reuters that some of Kims family in Macau were now under enhanced security. Its very sensitive now, the Macanese casino online news businessman said. His family is under police protection, especially the son. Im afraid he might be targeted. Anything is possible. Macau authorities said they were monitoring developments closely. Kim is thought to have been born in Pyongyang in May 1971, the oldest son of Kim Jong-il, who ruled North Korea from October 1997 until December 2011. His mother was Song Hye-rim, a leading actor at the North Korea Film Studio, who divorced her husband to live in secret with the future leader, according to the North Korea Leadership Watch website . Pinterest Former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il with his son, Kim Jong-nam, sitting for a family portrait in Pyongyang.

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